Enroll your child in EICC Summer Writing Camp 2015 now!

EICC focuses on enrichment for all students through the use of enjoyable and challenging learning experiences. We engage students through individual interests, learning styles, and modes of expression.

EICC Creative Writing
Writing that is well organized and expressive is critical to success in any endeavor. Focusing thought processes and learning to write accurately and articulately is critical in helping your child succeed. At EICC, we teach children the essential tools of writing that enable them to achieve throughout elementary, middle, and high school. Your child will be fully prepared to tackle the challenge of college admissions essays as we model our programs on the types of prompts and activities schools require. Our small classes and 1:8 ratio are suitable for all age and educational levels. We work individually with each child to determine strengths and weaknesses and in small groups to critique and build peer confidence.

A crucial aspect of exceptional writing is learning how to express creativity in a meaningful and relevant way. We help our students discover the joy that comes from expression through the written word. Our various levels and activities build literacy, promote imaginative, out-of-the-box thinking, and instill a lifelong foundation that will give your child an invaluable advantage in school and beyond.

The mission of EICC is to unlock the creative and academic potential that resides in every child.